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Rating: 2.97
We were planning a surprise birthday party for one of our friends, and we went to this one stop shop for all things party. Kaycey was running the place, and she was dressed to impress. Turned out she had a function to host a couple of hours after we met up, and she was already dressed for the event. Levi could not focus on anything because she kept bending over to show us table cloths and an assortment of napkins to choose from. We were both able to make out her thong underneath that sheer, see through dress. We asked to see what the place would look like in full swing. This way Levi was able to set the mood and swoop in for the kill. She mentioned how she was married but did not wear the ring because it was bad for business. Levi asked how good of a wife she was and she said,"I am a horrible wife but a great mother!". With the lights dimmed and Kaycey gyrating her hips on Levi while they simulated what it would look like for people to be dancing on the dance floor, she did not stand a chance. Levi slammed her onto one of the tables and ate her out. I do not know if she fucked Levi because she was that interested in getting the sale or if Levi is just getting that good at bagging him some MILFs. I guess only time will tell.

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